My Story

Hey girl hey! It's Cinthanie here. To sum it up- I am a married pet mom of 2 ;) who just decided to GO for it and bleed positivity in every direction I can along the way. I have struggled with weight, negative self talk/image, unhappiness and pure dogma. Honestly, I used to be an incredibly negative, energy-sucking black hole of pessimism haha. True Story! I was just NOT a happy person and that really weighed down my life experiences. Through years of trial an error I have chosen to rise above that dogma, change my mindset, repair my relationship with myself and just generally get the fuck out of my own way! haha. This website is just my little corner of the universe where I hope to bring you along on my journey. I want to share with you what I learn during my process, connect with you and hopefully help you internalize a message that took me SO long to understand-

You are a Good Person and You deserve Good Things to Happen To You.

About Me

Hey! Cinthanie here- I am an online health and fitness coach, podcaster, wife, pet mom of two and a lover of pizza ;) (if you think I'm kidding about the pizza thing, you should see just how much pizza merchandise has been gifted to me! haha) I am married to my high school sweetheart- oil runs in his veins I swear! haha. If it has an engine he's all about it and can surely fix it. We live in a farm community (even though we can't even keep a cactus alive haha) with our exoic short hair, Fancy and English Mastiff Phoebe. My husband and I  are lovers of The Office and Friends (hence our dog named Phoebe) and love to travel!